Our Dynamic Company and Team

We are a Hong Kong based company with design management in Hong Kong, Mainland China and Europe. Trakitall staff have a long history in the design and manufacturing fields of the Telecommunications, Automotive and Security Electronics industries. Our key to success is the combination of our Hardware Electronic Device design and manufacturing services with our Software development and application Firmware and Mobile Phone App for both IOS & Android. Discuss with us what your product connectivity ideas or application requirements and we will propose a product and turnkey solution.

Every Problem Has a Solution

We believe that we can find a solution to satisfy your market requirements and product needs. Product Ideas and Innovation come from understanding your problems. Once the problem is understood then the magic begins to unfold, until a solution is found and an new product design concept is born. It is nurtured until it is fully developed and then carried forth on to volume manufacture. This is what we do well.

Our Applications and Industries

Our focus and expertise is in Bluetooth Connectivity, GPS Tracking and GSM Telematics combined in several fields such as Automotive, Home Automation, Lighting, Security, Safety and Industrial Applications.

The future is now, the growing potential for IOT connectivity touches all industries, which has opened an unlimited world of potential for the applications of our product ideas and design possibilities.

New product applications present them everyday, we are here to serve to bring your ideas into reality and expand the possibilities of a connected world.